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Adhkaar 1 – Surah & Dua Memorization

Adhkaar is a unique course by Firdaws Academy that enables you to memorise duas (supplications), Short Surahs and short ahadeeth of the Messenger of Allah Ta’laa SAW.

Do you want to recall duas for every occasion and please Allah Ta’laa by remembering Him, follow Rasulullah SAW and be rewarded? Then this unit will help you in that goal InshaAllah.  How about a Hadith to inspire and guide you and that you know the Arabic and meaning of.

Key features of Adhkar are:

  • Learn supplications from Quran
  • Learn supplication from Hadith
  • Learn Daily supplications (Dua’s, Adhkar)
  • Learn How to Pray with meaning
  • Learn Duas in Arabic
  • Learn morning and evening Duas (Supplications)
  • Learn Supplications with meaning
  • Learn Duas that are recited after Prayers
  • Learn Supplications of Ramadan
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