Learn Arabic Module 1




So, you want to understand the Quran, but you are ‘too busy’? Or you think Quran is difficult to learn? Then this is the perfect course for you.

After many years of experience, this course was developed as the shortest path to the Language of the Quran and Sunnah.

Firdaws Academy’s Learn Arabic Module 1 is a comprehensive Arabic language programme. The programme incorporates modern and classical Arabic as well as grammar. Students who are looking for serious and focused study of Arabic in order to access the language of the Quran and Hadith should seriously consider completing the whole programme.

Learn Arabic Module 1

Learn Arabic Module 1 is the first of the courses and it incorporates an excellent introduction to the basics of the Arabic Language.

Who is it for?

You must be able to read the Qur’an fluently to be able to study this course and complete a basic module on writing through self-study which we will provide. You will need to commit to 4 hours of contact time per week and at least a further 4 hours of personal study. Students who cannot read or write Arabic should join the Beginners Arabic and Quran

Topics covered

In Module 1 the following units are covered. Click on each one

  1. Understand 50% of Qur’aan
  2. Introduction to Nahw and Sarf (Arabic Grammar) using many examples from Modern Standard Arabic and the Prophetic narrations
  3. Arabic calligraphy and writing

IMPORTANT – THERE IS NO CLASS BETWEEN 25th March 2016 TO 31st March 2016.

Start DateTimeDurationFeesGenderLocation
Wed – 10/01/2018Wed 19:00 – 20:20, Sun 18:00 – 20:0017 weeks$400MaleFirdaws Academy, Campbellfield


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