Qur’an & Tajweed Courses

The following courses are offered by Firdaws Academy for those who wish to learn reciting the Holy Qur’an.

We are currently offering two courses in this category: 1. Beginner’s Qur’an & Arabic and 2. Practical Tajweed

  1. Beginner’s Qur’an & Arabic is designed for those who wish to start reading Qur’an from very basic, which is by Arabic alphabets.
  2. Practical Tajweed course is designed for those who are good at pronunciation and wish to learn the Tajweed rule and practice them, so that their recitation is beautified by it.

All our courses are currently offered for men only.

Firdaws Academy

Firdaws Academy is an on-site institution which links Australian Muslims to the sources of Islamic sciences via traditional scholarship (Ulama) by learning of Quran, Arabic and Islamic sciences and therefore enhancing the practice of Deen.


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