Qur’an & Tajweed Courses

The following courses are offered by Firdaws Academy for those who wish to learn reciting the Holy Qur’an.

We are currently offering two courses in this category: 1. Beginner’s Qur’an & Arabic and 2. Practical Tajweed

  1. Beginner’s Qur’an & Arabic is designed for those who wish to start reading Qur’an from very basic, which is by Arabic alphabets.
  2. Practical Tajweed course is designed for those who are good at pronunciation and wish to learn the Tajweed rule and practice them, so that their recitation is beautified by it.

All our courses are currently offered for brothers only.

Juz 30 Memorisation

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Firdaws Academy - Faculty of Quran Reading

Quran department at Firdaws has been designed with 5 levels. Each level is comprising of various courses. Each course has at the end an exam which needs to be successfully completed in order for the student to pass that course. Students can only progress to the next course by either successfully completing the previous course or sitting an entrance exam after which they are placed into the correct course. Once all courses in a level are successfully passed then one attains a certificate for one's achievement by the Academy:

1. Quranic Fluency

In the 1st level their are 4 courses. This level is designed to take a person who has never seen the Arabic alphabet before all the way to reading the Quran fluently without major or minor mistakes in their recitation. 

  • 1a: Qaida Nooraniya -Noor Muhammad Haqani

Students will begin with recognizing Arabic alphabets and their sounds, then be introduced to diacritical marks (Harkah & Tanween), put the alphabets and diacritical marks together to form letter combinations, then start to join these letters to form words and eventually move to whole sentences. The entire text has been extracted from the Quran and so step by step the student will get more and more familiar with the Script of the Quran and reading it by spelling the letters and diacritical marks in a methodical fashion

  • 1b: Safar Practical Quranic Tajweed 

2 main parts to this course are:

THEORY: Memorize the 20 most common Tajweed Rules that appear in the Quran along with examples . 

PRACTICAL: After learning each tajweed rule you have the chance to put it into practice straight away with 3 pages of Quranic extracts that have the rule that has just been learned contained within it. 

  • 1c: Reading the Nobel Quran

After having learnt spelling of letters and dicrtitical marks so that the student can now read the Quran at a slow pace as well as memorizing the 20 most common Tajweed Rules that appear in the Quran their is only one thing left to do! Practice, Practice, Practice! This will be the first time students will open the Mushaf of the Nobel Quran and begin reading it directly with the guidance of the teacher. Each student progresses at their own pace however the goal is to be able to read 2 pages of the Quran having applied everything that was learnt in the last 2 courses. Students will progress from very slow reading with many mistakes to fluent reading with little or no mistakes. 

  • 1d: Memorizing the 30th Part of the Quran

As Muslims who pray 5 times a Day it is imperative for us to have at least some of the Quran which we commit to memory in order for the correct performance of the Daily prayers. Now that one's reading is fluent with little or no mistakes the student begins the task of committing a portion of the Quran to memory or alternatively fixing the previously memorized portions of the Quran that were incorrectly memorized. Now the student's goal is to be able to produce the Quran from memory with fluency and almost no mistakes without the need of the actual text in front of them. 

2. Tajweed Mastery

In the 2nd level there are 4 courses

  • 2a Makharij and Horoof

Book: Beginner's Tajweed studied

  • 2b Tohfatul Atfaal

Beginning rules as a memorizable Poem

  • 2c Matn Jazariyya

Advanced rules as a memorizable Poem

  • 2d Qasida Khaqaniya

History of Science of Tajweed

3. Ijaza - Hafs an Asim

Juz1 -Juz 30

4. Tahfiz al-Quran - Memorization of the Entire Quran

Juz 1- Juz 29

5. Ashara Sughra and Kubra  Ijaza - 10 canonical recitals of the Qur'an

Shatibiyya -  

Durra -  

Recitation in the 10 canonical recitals of selections of the Qur'an


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